Historic properties abound in Virginia. After all the “First landing” that became Jamestown in 1607 was more than 400 hundred years ago marked the beginning of the colonization of America. Virginia has been the birthplace of eight United States Presidents and Charlottesville, Virginia is home to three of the first five including Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe and James Madison. Each of their final homes, Jefferson’s Monticello, Monroe’s Highlands and Madison’s Montpelier are national landmarks and open to the public. Thomas Jefferson was certainly the most influential as far as shaping an architectural style found throughout Virginia’s piedmont. From his iconic Monticello which dubbed Charlottesville with its moniker Nickletown to the spectacular grounds of the University of Virginia with it’s serpentine walls and classic rotunda to the many important plantation homes like Frascati, Somerset Plantation and Barboursville that were built for his friends and colleagues by the same craftsmen that built his private home and his University of Virginia.

For those with a love of history there is a rare opportunity to acquire one of the most significant historic properties to bear the hallmark of Thomas Jefferson. Frascati was built in 1823 for Supreme Court Justice Phillip Pendleton by John Perry, Jefferson’s trusted mason who worked on both Monticello and the University. It stands today much as it did when completed in 1823 and remains a “Monument to the Piedmont”. Frascati is in excellent condition and is perfectly positioned on 62 acres in Somerset. Frascati is on the National Register of Historic Places and is a Virginia Historic landmark.

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