Dutchmont: 100 Acre Estate in Keswick Hunt, Orange County VA

Dutchmont: 100 Acre Estate in Keswick Hunt, Orange County VA

Dutchmont: 100 Acre Estate Situated in the Heart of the Keswick Hunt in Orange County, VA

Dutchmont: 100 acre estate in Orange County VA. Outside of the home.

How private is private? A private back yard might be nice, a private wooded lot with some space between houses might be perfect or even a little acreage with where you can be away from the urban shuffle, get back to nature a little.

Dutchmont estate in Orange County is a perfect spot for a horse farm.
Dutchmont estate in Orange County VA: 100 acres and a very cozy home

Having just returned from Oakland CA visiting family, sequestered in a charming 1920’s neighborhood lined with Arts and Crafts bungalows, I became well aware of my priorities. This very lifestyle that envelopes most of the human population in vibrant communities around the world leaves me gasping for oxygen and my home in Virginia’s piedmont where my soul lives.


More and more often my clients tell me they would like a spot where they cannot see another’s rooftop.. That can be hard to find, especially in the winter where all the curtains are drawn and you can see through the forest. There is a place though, in Orange County, Virginia tucked between two charming and historic towns near Charlottesville called Dutchmont. It’s down a long driveway on 100 acres with a most unique home overlooking a large pond in a private valley in the Blue ridge foothills. It has a wonderful shop/studio, a five stall stable with a caretaker’s apartment surrounded by marvelous, landscaped grounds. The views go on forever..without a rooftop in sight. What makes this property truly exceptional is that it is completely surrounded by large farms that can never be developed due to conservation easements that do not allow subdivision.

Dutchmont estate in Orange County: 100 acres with endless possibilities.

Dutchmont is a rare example of “perfect privacy” but there are many examples of homes, building lots, small farms or mountain getaways that will answer for those seeking a respite from the busy world of that surrounds most of our lives. Whether the quiet lifestyle is full time or part time, it’s an elixir that can go a long way in grounding those who might need it.


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