The man who penned “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” into our Declaration of Independence must be smiling right now. Those unalienable rights, despite the inevitable disappointments, have flourished and we here in Charlottesville, Virginia are reaping the fruits of Thomas Jefferson’s hopes, dreams and brilliant plan like few places in this world.

downtown mall charlottesville va

From his beloved Monticello, which overlooks his University and the “Happiest city in America,” one can see the verdant farms still in place, one can feel the rich diversity below, living and loving together a little better each day. One can bask in music, art, fine food and Virginia wine while we celebrate America’s creativity, philosophy and intellect as our little town unfolds it’s riches and shares the passionate minds that call this place home.

virginia cornfield

We may not be the center of the universe but we are a bright spot on the map and we’re getting brighter every day. If we are to be known for anything 238 years after Thomas Jefferson proposed these truths to be self evident, “Happiness” pretty much covers all the bases. Pass it on.

2 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. Having recently become a frequent Charlottesville visitor, I have experienced—first-hand— the feelings this study and your blog-post evoke.

    Every time I hit 29 heading south, leaving wonderful but hectic Washington DC behind, my mood immediately changes in anticipation of the sights and the fresh smell of grass that will accompany me during my drive. Images of beautiful farms along the way, mountains, free horses, polo matches and wine, happy dogs swimming in the river, music, art, al-fresco dinning, and smiley people…

    I have to keep reminding myself: “Easy on the gas pedal, you’ll be there soon enough.”

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