Charlottesville real estate market report, First half 2012

Charlottesville Country Properties’ merger with Nest Realty has made us stat experts, something we may have lacked in the past is now one of our new strengths. The Nest Report is an in depth look at the rich data that profiles our real estate market and will give you a valuable insight into to trends that may well effect your decisions to buy or sell real estate. The data is compiled from our multiple listing records and formatted and analyzed to give you an easy understanding of important changes in our various sub-markets. Overall, the news looks good, sales are up inventory is down.

While trends in the farm and estate market don’t appear as positive at first glance, (3 fewer sales than first half 2011, 23 vs. 26), pending sales are very impressive with 19 properties currently under contract, 12 of which are over one million and two over five million. I expect to see pent up demand show itself soon as our buyer’s real estate becomes more liquid and the assumption of declining values disappears.

I’m proud to offer this comprehensive report from Nest Realty, one of the many benefits to you and to me of being associated with Charlottesville’s most innovative real estate company

Q2 2012 Charlottesville Nest Report

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