Within the Blue Ridge

The Blue Ridge Mountains are a perfect backdrop to the gently rolling hills of the Piedmont. From Stony Point or Somerset they are a blue silhouette, from Free Union and White Hall they are an imposing frontier. Venture in on the narrow, switchback gravel roads like Bacon Hollow Road in Greene County and you’ll start to understand another lifestyle. These mountains have been populated for centuries by a hardy lot that raised kids, cows and crops on meager soil cleared by hand and mule of the endless rocks that grow prolifically in this high air. What drove those early Americans to choose such a challenging lifestyle? Yes, the land was cheap but I think it was more than that. None could consider this lifestyle if they were not completely self sufficient. They would have to raise their own food, heal their own wounds and fix whatever broke.  It was in their make up to do it, man and woman alike and in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia they could thrive in their own way. While Albemarle County’s fine estates enjoyed chamber music and French wine, the mountain folk had their moonshine and fiddles and their own sort of joy. While driving up into the mountains in a SUV today isn’t quite the same as driving a team and a buckboard, step out into a mountain meadow at 2000 feet elevation and you can feel just as they did 150 years ago with cool mountain air and views that go forever. It’s not for everyone but there have always been a few that consider the mountains..almost heaven.

A new listing of 155 acres on Wyatt Mountain in Greene County and a two hour exploration of the property with a forester inspired this post and gave me a renewed appreciation for mountain land and its marvelous diversity. For more information on this outstanding new offering  click the link below.


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